Blog 3 Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches.

Blog 3 Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches.


Management is the process of make people and organizations work together to achieve the goal of the organization(Management innovations 2008). Managing is an kind of authority relationship, manager focus on the every task to make sure the work can be completed. They make direction and strategy for the mission, and they supervise and control the subordinates for their activities (Haslam, 2004).

Leadership is kind of ability that an individual can influence or motivate followers or the subordinates(Margaret, 2014). Leader make changes and achieve difference. Leaders use their ideas or their own personal charisma and actions to inspire, effect and encourage others, to change others action or attitudes (Kent, 2005).

Similarities & differences between management & leadership



According Warren Bennis’ book “On Becoming a Leader” in 1989, the manager maintains the works and the leader develops the works; the manager focuses on structure of the work and the leader focuses on the people around them ( Most leader has great personal charisma, they are willing to take risks and their imagination are always high level. Management are mostly rational, they solve the problems, as the opposite of leader manager are risk-averse, and they are tend to  persistence and analysis(Nikhilesh, 2014). About the orientation, leaders are more people-oriented, they lead the followers and use their personal characteristic to influence the followers. Managers are more task-oriented, they manage the works and they use the formal authority and position to supervise and effect the subordinates (Kate, 2014).




Even thought management and leadership are different, there still have lots of similarities and heavily related between leadership and management. First of all, both leadership and management need to engage with different people, it might include the followers and the subordinates, so both of them also need good social skills. Secondly, both of them need to work together and make the plan or basic structure for the origination, within this duty, both of them have huge impact on their job is work for the organization, so both of them need to focus on achieve the goal or the plan of organization. To achieve the goals, they need to make the available resources work efficiently and effectively (


(from: SupapornVee, 2014)

For manage the work of subordinates, I think the most effective approach is combine the leadership and management, gather the helpful feature and put it into the work. Because both leadership and management are crucial, the combination of good leadership and good management always make satisfactory result. Leadership can give the inspiration and motivation to followers. Management must wok together with leadership, or else bureaucracy will be increasing and their strain capacity will not strong enough. The large company’s performance would be getting deteriorate if without the leadership (Ahmad, 2014). A good manager should let the leaders get involves with their works and give some motivation to the subordinates.


According the CIM, The best approach is keep changing according the specific situation and personal characteristics (CMI 2013). I am strongly agree with it, circumstance can not be controlled sometimes, the way to solve problems is to change according the circumstance, so the strategy and the direction should also change according to the specific situation. Different people have different ability and characteristic, not everyone is suitable for one model, so it need to change according to different people.


As a member of a team, I would like to be led by situational leadership. The strategy and direction of a company should not always same, it might need to be changed and justified accordingly and a good leader should do the action. The core message of situational leadership is there is no single leadership style, at same time the leader should do the right action for the specific situation(Martin, 2016). The limitation for situational leadership is emphasize and rely on the short-term strategy, it might have the influence on the long-term development (Martin, 2016).










Jack Stahl: President of Coca-Cola from 1978 to 2000, his approach was an example of situational leader. Stahl articulated that he believes the best leaders are “situational”, they can get through all kinds of  circumstance and recognize that if they need to get involve to the strategy level (Prewitt, 2007). He think a effective leader should aware what oversight need to apply and when can finish the task(Martin, 2016).



General George Patton: George Patton was one of American military’s most respectful General, his greatness was not only showing on the battlefield of World War but also the papers of military and war strategy that he produced. He mentioned that analyzing the situation is one of the key factors to win a battle, his situational analysis became one of the foundational concept of the US Military. He clarified that leadership and strategy must be flexible, a good leader is able to change the leading style according to the situation(Martin, 2016).



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  1. I learned a lot of useful leadership style. You also think that “different leadership style is best suited to different situations”. I very much agree with this statement. thank you for your sharing!


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